Notcoin to Reward 500,000 Users: 5% of Total Token Supply Set for Distribution

Notcoin to Reward 500,000 Users

The Notcoin team continues to unveil more details about the upcoming launch of the NOT token.

Notcoin is a Web3 gaming project launched on January 1, 2024, within the Toncoin (TON) ecosystem.

Notcoin to Reward

NOT Listing Scheduled After Few Days

Notcoin announced that the team will distribute 5% of the NOT supply among over 500,000 community members and users. The project operates as a mini-app within the “Telegram” messenger. It allows users to earn coins by simply tapping on the phone screen through its tap-to-earn initiative.

“Notcoin is a social Bitcoin: close in values, insanely distributed from the day one,” Notcoin team wrote.

Moreover, users can also increase their earnings through several additional activities.

The team initially planned the listing of NOT tokens on April 20. However it had to postpone the listing due to the lack of time to prepare for the transition to a new phase. On May 10, BeInCrypto reported that Notcoin will become available on popular centralized exchanges such as Binance, Bybit, and OKX.

As of writing, vouchers for 10,000 NOT are trading on the platform at an average price of 12-17 TON tokens ( ~ $94 to $124).

Moreover, the Notcoin team has ambitious plans. The developers have confirmed the Open Builders initiative to create a Telegram trading bot, which they believe will become the most popular among the messenger’s audience.

Additionally, Notcoin will launch gaming applications with a unified account of gaming achievements and experiences and will also provide users with several pools where players can mine coins.

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