Bitget Wallet Unveils Roadmap for Onchain Layer and $10 Million Web3 Fund

Bitget Wallet Unveils Roadmap

Bitget Wallet presented the roadmap for the Bitget Onchain Layer ecosystem. The company is seeking to expand into Web3 with new products and services. 

The roadmap schedule is outlined around the BWB token, which will be airdropped in 2024. Over the next five years, the initiative aims to build a community of developers, stakers, holders, and a treasury management group.

Bitget Wallet presented the roadmap for the Bitget Onchain Layer ecosystem

Bitget Wallet Reveals Details For Its Onchain Layer

The company wants to expand into Web3 by opening the door to native DApps within its ecosystem. To achieve this goal, Bitget Wallet launched a $10 million BWB Ecosystem Fund to accelerate the growth of Onchain Layer.

This fund will allow Bitget Wallet to incubate and invest in various projects aligned with its long-term objectives. Initially, the fund will focus on accelerating the development of Modular Feature DApps (MFDs) tailored for on-chain trading.

In addition, the company will concentrate on creating new meme assets, tapping into the sector with a $54.69 billion market capitalization and $7.1 billion daily trading volume. To promote the meme culture, Bitget will organize both offline and online events.

“Bitget Wallet previously launched the experimental meme coin $MOEW. In the future, it will conduct further exploration of the culture, community, and Meme use cases around $MOEW. In addition, Bitget Wallet will also establish Meme Grants,” the roadmap explained.

The BWB token will be a central part of the future ecosystem. Designed to support essential ecosystem functions like community governance, staking, and multi-chain gas payments, it will also grant holders exclusive access to Bitget events, upcoming Fair Launchpool, and GetDrop airdrops.

Bitget Wallet has over 20 million users globally and claims to have exceeded MetaMask in transaction and order volume. The company attributes its growth to addressing user “pain points” and fulfilling user needs by encouraging active participation in Web3.

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