Injective Launches Layer-3 Network on Arbitrum for Interoperability

Injective announced the launch of its Layer-3 network, the inEVM, powered by Arbitrum’s Orbit toolkit.

It aims to enhance connectivity across Ethereum, Cosmos, and Solana networks, pushing the boundaries of blockchain interoperability and functionality.

Injective Launches Layer

Injective and Arbitrum Enhance Blockchain Interoperability

The design of the inEVM network allows integration with the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM). It enables developers to create customizable chains with Arbitrum’s technology, ensuring compatibility across diverse ecosystems.

This expansion is crucial for Injective, which primarily uses Cosmos technology. Co-founder Eric Chen emphasized the importance of this advancement.

“The integration with Arbitrum extends beyond just building blockchain networks or infrastructure. It enforces the fundamental principle of interoperability — closing the gap between Ethereum, Cosmos, and others widely adopted L1s — for an ecosystem where cross-chain assets and liquidity can be truly composable across ecosystems,” Chen said.

The integration also plays a crucial role in the tokenomics of the Injective ecosystem. It includes a burning mechanism where a percentage of all protocol fees are aggregated and systematically destroyed. Therefore, the new Injective Layer-3 network boosts transaction processing efficiency, creating an economically sustainable ecosystem

It is worth noting that Arbitrum’s Orbit toolkit is at the heart of this integration. Developed by Offchain Labs, it offers a set of tools that enable the creation of scalable, secure, and efficient Layer-2 solutions.

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