Ethereum Investors Show Bullishness.

Ethereum (ETH) Investors Push for Recovery Amid Bearish Cues

Ethereum (ETH) price is presently reeling from the ongoing downtrend that brought the second-biggest cryptocurrency below $3,000. The investors, however, are still optimistic about recovery, which could occur if the broader market cues shift. Ethereum Investors Show Bullishness Ethereum price is expected to witness the impact of ETH holder’s actions, which are presently in favor…

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Tether Responds to Ripple: A Defense of Transparency and Compliance

In a striking development, Tether CEO Paolo Ardoino publicly challenged Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse following comments about potential SEC scrutiny of USDT. This confrontation underscores the regulatory complexities facing stablecoin issuers and the intense competition within the cryptocurrency sector. Tether CEO Confronts Ripple’s Brad Garlinghouse Over FUD Paolo Ardoino responded to Garlinghouse’s comments by taking to social media. He…

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Chinese Authorities

Chinese Authorities Dismantle $295 Million Illegal Crypto Ring

The Chinese government has shut down illegal crypto banking activities through the Panshi City Public Security Bureau in Jilin Province. Local media reported the perpetrators exploited crypto’s anonymity for illegal foreign exchange. The report revealed that Chinese security officials arrested six people involved in purchasing foreign exchange using cryptocurrencies. $295 Million Moved Across Borders Using Crypto Channels…

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Long-Term Ethereum Investor Sells $12.7 Million in ETH

A long-standing Ethereum investor known by their wallet address 0x2ce recently transferred a significant quantity of Ethereum (ETH) to Coinbase. This movement involved 4,153 ETH, valued at approximately $12.17 million, based on the current exchange rate of $2,931 per ETH. Are Long-Term Ethereum Investors Cashing Out? Initially, 0x2ce sent the funds to an intermediary wallet – 0x1d9,…

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